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How this all began

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My first primative website was in the 90's. I started it to market our Vacation Rental Condo at Napili Bay, Maui. Oher owners with the beachfront units in our complex were more skilled at website authoring and sucked up most of the buisness. We closed down our operation sometime in 2000 to 2003. I was still having fun with my new hobby and the complicated website authoring process. I am obsessive- compulsive so I started up a new ameturish personal web site --- "to cover items that were interesting to me and I hoped also to my viewers".  Soon improvements and revisions in website code language and obsolete Front Page 2000 software and a new computer operating system overtook me. My site was in Limbo for a year and a half while I struggled to even connect with my server to update my Web Pages.

Now after weeks, days and months, I herewith  am launching a new and greatly expanded personal web site. I hope you will find this refreshing and interesting. Please feel free to Email me with the Email link below with your impressions, ideas and concerns.  
You should be able to explore the site by finding links on various pages . You may need to scroll down to find links at the bottom of some pages and some may not work with your computer browser. You can use your browser "Back" button to get restarted and on your way again.

 I recommend using Microsoft as your browser, if you have a choice. This site looks best when viewed on MS Internet Explorer Browsers on Desktops or Laptops. Other browsers , such as Google, Cell Phones and Tablets do strange things with the layout of text and pictures. I would appreciate an Email report on incidents that need fixing.

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