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End Notes


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Diver gif





K & B @ LunchK &B 









Gates of Paradise


           On Seadream I, Virgin Gorda












Outside the Gates of Paradise Florence




Kay Diving



It's nice that your wife shares some of your interests.



Below is an early effort at animation from a single vector graphic Gif frame. I duplicated several frames and modified the images. Then I strung them together into a movie sequence.

The end



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I will have more pictures stored as albums on a cloud site sponsored by the Nikon Camera company and will change them from time to time. If you want to see more you can click on the links below. However be warned: the only way to return here is by using the back buton on your browser,

New Link      Cruise from New Zealand to Oz


                   36 Pictures from Older travels


              Photo Credits: Almost all the pictures were taken by me, except those of me or of Non Residential Architectural Projects.  Those Project photos that were taken by others have been credited next to the pictures. I apologize for any mistakes.