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     My Story 

Me in the 50's 

   I started Stanford in the late 40’s. I studied architecture for five years, and I spent around three of those years on the extra-curricular activity of theater scenery and lighting instead of learning Architecture. I met my Future wife there backstage.

Gaieties 1949  

                Early photos 








Pop's House




I had my first Commission to design a house in Honolulu. At that time I was serving 3 years in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps during the Korean War with the Seabees and at Navy Public Works at Ford Island, Honolulu                                                            Link      rtStarving Architect

      I worked  summers before graduation at the Stanford  Planning Office for Architect Ted Spencer, who had been my Professor and Director of  Stanford Planning. After the Navy, I went to work in San Francisco for Ted Spencer.
Ted ran his office so that projects were a group effort. Later I will show you some that I take pride in because I got to do the  design and execute most of the work. 

I got my California Architects license in 1959 and my Hawaii  License in 1989. I worked on several hundred projects in those 30 years -- On all kinds of building types. In the meantime Kay had a career in 16mm Motion Picture Post Production. Family Monogram I designed a house in Berkeley in 1959 for Kay and me.

I would often doodle when I should have been drafting. I liked to doodle arrows pointing at each other or in different directions. RT  rtla45.  I designed our family Monogram including K M K and W A K,  Kays and my initials. Boat Delivery

Along the way, Kay and I developed interests in Sailing, Diving and Snorkeling, Photography and Tennis.Great Barrier Reef-Cod Hole


I have enjoyed taking hundreds and hundreds of pictures and Kay took many Videos. Pasport photo




We also began to travel when we retired. When you begin to look like your passport photo, you are in pretty bad shape.  When we retired in 1990, I designed and built our duplex House—in Manoa Valley, Honolulu.  It had two floors of a similar floor plan as our Berkeley house. We were pretty used to it and it worked for us. Kay and I and my sister and her husband lived there for 17 years. New Address Notice In 2006, we moved to The Admiral Thomas Apartments and remodeled and decorated it. { Click on the picture to Link to Admiral Thomas Gallery }

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