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       Our House in Berkeley

Berkley House Street view

Right after I passed the California Architects exam. We built our house.  It cost about 20,000 in 1959 dollars. When we sold it in 1989 it sold for a little over ten times that.  The lot was shaped like a parallelagram  with  a short level area in front and then it  became very steep. There were several rock outcrops on the site and excavating a level area to set the house on was a problem.  Anyway I needed to get the floor up about 18 feet above the sidewalk in order to see the view of both bridges and the Bay. Elevating the house avoided unpredictable and costly excavations.   We would also be  well above the City busses and traffic on our street. By raising the building to this height, I could build a deck in the rear to make a  level,  quiet  private yard.

The house on the North side was somewhat run down and the neighbors were a little annoying. OK, so no windows on that side.

plot plan

















 Floor plan and Site Plan.  




View from North

rear Deck

No windows







Clerestories bring  light in above the wall that has no windows.








  Living Room looking southwest















Front 2



                                                               My Study 

Dining Area








Dining can be inside or outside without moving the table











Kitchen west

SkylitePennuy and MeBasement addition

After a few years we needed more space. We made the  space inside  of the podium into a large study.


Below is a night view of the bridges and city lights.  

Night View with the bridges

kitchen and Breakfast area















Penny Like her home








Penny's Home




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