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Reef from SpaceKay and I have always enjoyed snorkeling whenever we could, so, when were were about 60 years old we took a course and became certified Scuba divers. We continued to dive with tanks until we were in our 70's. Kay remembers diving in Tahiti on her 71st Birthday with Jean-Michel Cousteau, and he autographed her Log Book " I enjoyed diving with you". 

 Later we found that commercial dive operators, particularly in Australia, were not too keen on taking us on and they began to requre all kinds of extra documentation, such as exams by Australian Physicians certified to make Diving Physicals. So we went back to snorkeling which is almost as much fun and doesn't require the weights, tanks and gear. We have dived many times on the Great Barrier Reef both with and without diving equipment. Our favorite sites are near Lizard Island, north of Cooktown in Queensland. We dove several times in Tahiti and also at Kona, Fiji, and The Carribbean. We have taken hundreds of underwater pictures.

Photo: NASA The Great Barrier Reef from space.


This is an aerial photo of Lizard Island from The Lizard Island Resort Brochure.


Lizard Island

Emperor fish at Lizard.






Emperor Fish at Lizard Island


This Fish is rare because it had been over fished. It can be a special treat. If you get a chance try it. 

 Fish nearby




There are many  other colorful fish nearby.     





Staghorn Coral








 Clam Garden





Most mornings we will swim around the clam gardens at one of Lizard  Island's many secluded beaches.  







Me in Full gear







You gotta love doing this.





Diving Together


Kay at Cod Hole








Don't Bother the fish 

Don't Bother the fish












Smiling for the camera



















Soft Coral-1 








K &Me










Photo: Gerald Tesslier,St Barthlemey 2005






Cod Hole

Kay at Cod Hole



This is the famous Cod Hole near Lizard Island where 400 pound friendly Potato Cod daily greet divers who can feed and pet them.




Trumpet Fish Ornate Butterfly fish











Ornate Butterfly-2Ornate-2












Kona Tangs Tangs-2























Soft Coral















 Underwater Photos: Bill and Kay Kibby




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